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The Purchase Of Puff

Lohas Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2015

Oily Skin

Puff every time the amount of powder will be more, and skin contact area is larger than painting, not easy to make makeup quickly "off."

Neutral Skin: Powder is an essential tool when you use powder. The amount of powder dipped is much smaller than that of a puff, with no heavy accumulation.

Mix Skin

In the T-Zone love out of the oil parts can choose puff, so that the entire makeup appears delicate and thick, and cheeks are relatively dry, you can choose to paint.

Dry skin

Dry skin suitable for the use of paint light dusting powder, but if your skin is very dry, it is best to avoid powder this step, in order to prevent the phenomenon of floating powder.

Suggestion one: The spongy sponge is suitable for foundation liquid and powder cream because of its strong water absorption, which is more compact and suitable for use with powder cake. The purchase can be a little sponge on both sides of the flip, you can easily see the sponge "capillary" large or small, and judge its loose or dense material.

Recommendation two: If you can not know from the sponge of the label as natural or synthetic material, can be removed from the sponge to see whether there is a gum material, the easiest way to find out is that there is "bright" in the material contained therein, the synthetic texture.

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