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Beauty Tips

Lohas Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

1. No matter on the foundation or set makeup, puff effect can not be underestimated, the proposal usually more than one or two powder puff, easy to replace at any time.

2. With a powder puff, do not use the whole puff powder, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste, and can not subtly point nostrils, eye week and other subtle parts.

3. The grease in the nostrils is very strong, not suitable to daub too thick powder makeup, otherwise easy to cause off makeup, recommend the use of powder puff on the remaining powders from the top down lightly, or will puff in half after pressing the nose, can also play a fixed makeup face, whitewash the black and red phenomenon of the role.

4. If you want to cleverly cover the dark circles, uneven skin color eyelid or obvious pouch, it is best to use a triangular-shaped puff of a corner lightly hit the upper and lower eyelid, the effect is very good.

5. Fixed makeup, with a puff lightly over the face contour line, not only can whisk away too much powder, but also help to make the face and neck to complete the natural transition, avoid due to local color difference obvious and cause embarrassment.

6. Wash the powder puff at least once a week. Because puff is very easy to absorb the skin surface grease, while the oil-absorbing powder puff will react with the air, which makes it difficult to dip powder, or even breeding bacteria, reduce the skin's own resistance.

7. Sponge cleaning before the best to do inspection screening, the texture must be dense to clean, or easy to break down after washing. And the number of sponge cleaning is not too much, it is dirty old sponge, the inner filth can not completely clean up, the elasticity has been tired can not continue to use, as the old new.

8. The use of foam cleanser must let it fully foaming, in order to avoid the excessive friction when washing the face. Although the foaming cotton foam is fast and many, but the water content in the bubble is very little, such a bubble can not reduce friction. Therefore, in the use of foaming cotton, must control the concentration of foam, in the Da Pao to add a few water. If you can not grasp the sense of propriety, or a good hand to play foam.