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2017 LOHAS Annual Regiment Campaign, Let's Join Us And Support Us, To Catch The Big Promotion!

Lohas Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 27, 2017


Welcome to support us, join us !

And a series discount and promotion are waiting for you!

To all of our old and new friends,

We, LOHAS, has started the regiment campaign with other brother companies on Nov 22th, 2017.

Below are our Lohas sales team's target, if we win, we will get the reward from the hoster, also we will get the respect

from other competition brother companies, so we sincerely hope all of you can join us and support us!

圈战海报2小尺寸v3- Lohas.jpg

Also, each salesman and saleswoman in LOHAS, do have their own target sales, and they all try their best to challge themselves, and get the hornor in the end of the year of 2017! and welcome for the new year of 2018!

To support those talent and diligent sales, we Lohas has been promoting a big promotion for you!

If you do need any of our product, and want to catch the final profit business in the end of year of 2017, and catch the Christmas' "Shopping Festival", welcome to contact us for more details!

You will get the discount that you CAN NEVER imagine! 

And for your review, let's list the main product list here for you:

1. Silicone makeup sponge

2. Silicone Scalp Brush

3. Silicone cellulite Brush

4. Silicone Makeup Brush Holder

5. Silicone travel bottle

6. Silicone hand sanitizer holder

7. Silicone scentportable holder for car refresher

8. Silicone Makeup Brush

9. Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

10. Silicone Iron Holster / Silicone hair straighten holder

11. Silicone Iron Mat / Silicone hair curler mat

12. Silicone hair diffuser

13. Silicone hair roller / peco roller

14. Silicone hair dye / coloring ear protector

15. Silicone nail polish holder

16. Silicone nail art desk mat

17. Silicona nail brush

18. Silicone nail remover cap


All the product related to makeup accessories, hair salon or nail art series, you will get 5%-20% discount

What are you waiting for ? Just contact us, and discuss further,and to join us, and catch this!

Best Regards,

Lohas Family