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Regeneration of silicone adsorbed organic impurities

Lohas Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

Shan Roasting method

For the coarse-hole silica gel, can be placed in the roasting furnace gradually heating up to 500-600 Shan, about 6-8 hours to

The colloidal granules are white or yellow-brown. For fine pore silica gel, the roasting temperature cannot exceed 200 Shan.

Shan Rinse method

The silica gel is adsorbed in saturated water vapor to soak and rinse, and can be combined with detergent to remove waste oil or other organic impurities, then dried and dehydrated after washing water.

Shan Solvent Flushing Method

According to the silicone adsorption of organic species, the appropriate solvent will be adsorbed on the organic matter dissolved in silica gel, and then heat to remove the solvent.