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Professional terminology

Lohas Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

Specific surface: Refers to the surface area of each gram of silica gel, including the internal surface area of micro-pores and the sum of surface areas. --Unit: Sq. m/g

Pore: Total volume of pores per gram of silica gel. --Unit: ml/g (Ml G)

Aperture: Refers to the diameter of silica gel internal micropore. -Unit: Ed (a 0) or nanometer (nm) 1nm 10a 0

Adsorption amount: Silica gel at a certain relative humidity adsorption water vapor to reach saturation, at this time adsorption of water vapor quantity called adsorption. --Units:%

Stacking density: The ratio of the quality of silica gel to the volume of its accumulated space. --Unit: G/L (/)

PH: The ph value of silica gel refers to the ph value of a certain proportion of silicone glue solution which is treated by certain conditions.

Specific resistance: An indicator of the purity of silica gel. The resistance itself is defined as the resistance of the solution at a distance of 1cm. The specific resistance of silica gel refers to the dissolution of water-soluble electrolyte in silica gel after certain conditions are treated, and the specific resistance of the solution is determined by conductance. The higher the resistivity, the lower the quality of the water-soluble electrolyte of silica gel. --Unit: ohm. cm (ω. cm)

Abrasion rate: It is an index of wear resistance of silica gel. Refers to the loss of silicone wear under certain conditions. --Units:%

The water is not burst rate: refers to water resistance of silica gel an index. --Units:%